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last week i was commissioned to do a small two-color ink portrait in the style of a book i made. it was very straightforward and painless; the couple that hired me were super nice and enthusiastic about everything, which was lovely.

They sent me to their myspace page to find a good reference photo, and i picked this one, bc i thought it was adorable and nicely composed:

i initially debated doing a really close (traced) copy of the photo, but decided to use it as the basis for a freehand drawing, instead. this is the sketch i sent for approval:

once they'd okay'd the sketch, i refined it with my beloved paint markers until it was clean enough to use as a guide for the final inks:

then i retraced the drawing on a light table with nib and brush. i used liquitex yellow oxide acrylic ink, and a mixed blue/black india ink. the whole process took about 10 hours.

final ink drawing, about 8x11":

the feet-in-shoes sketchbook

You have brains in your head.
You have feet in your shoes.

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